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Florida is hailed as one of the biggest tourist spots in the country and the number of international tourists visiting Florida is huge. The number of beaches, tourist spots, ports and Amusement Parks make it an inevitable tourist destination. To keep up with its standard of amenities, there is an excellent network of transportation all over Florida. This adds on a good deal of tourist friendly image of the state. The array of transportation services is wide ranging from land to water and all of them are easily accessible. Therefore, all major cities – be it Sanford or Orlando or Canaveral, are well connected.The exceptional transportation facility is one reason why Florida has emerged as a major tourist destination. All major cities are connected to airports. There are good hotels all over the state and most of these are directly connected to the airport. Most of them have pick and drop facility and thus one does not have to think about reaching the hotel from the airport. The hotels also provide transportation to major tourist spots and one can easily visit places like Disneyland or Universal Studios or even on their own while at Florida simply because Orlando transportation is very good. Orlando, as already said, is a major tourist destination and is well connected with other parts of the country. So Orlando airport transportation is absolutely hassle free sine most hotels, as already mentioned, offer pick and drop facilities to their guests. Apart from that, the Orlando port is internationally renowned for maintaining high standards in terms of safety and hassle free image.Sanford airport transportation is also pretty efficient and effective. The city is well connected by road, rail and air. The airport makes this city a happening tourist destination. It is connected to all major cities of the country. The city has quite a few attractions and is flocked by tourists very often. The hotels, just like in any other city, provide pick and drop services. In some cases, this service extends to providing cars for sightseeing as well.Port Canaveral is yet another major tourist attraction in Florida. This city boasts of a great airport and being a port, it is home to various cruises that make this city one of the top tourist spots in the state. Port Canaveral airport transportation is not only good and efficient but also very fast and easily accessible. All big cities have flights to Port Canaveral and that too quite frequently. Other means of transportation is also available very easily and one can reach the beaches or hotels or cruises almost very quickly – thanks to the great connectivity of the port.One may think that these cities and their transportation facilities can only be availed once one reaches there in person. But in today’s world where almost all actions are governed by computers, and furthermore, the internet, it is imperative that one should do a little research and the results, one may rest assured, will be quite satisfactory and conducive to planning a holiday in those cities. The flight tickets can be booked well in advance to avoid last minute hassles and people can look forward to a great trip ahead.

Traffic and Conversion – The Foundation of Online Marketing | Online marketing

I’ve got a secret for you: there are no secrets in marketing. Successful marketers have been using the same strategies for hundreds of years and, in 50 years from now, the next generation of marketing gurus and experts will be doing exactly what works today.Unfortunately for the marketing executive or small business owner, marketing has become a bit of a mystery. It’s not the strategies – it’s the technology. Yes, the strategies are the same but the technical platform, the Internet, has changed the tactical side of this battle. Online marketing has made it easier for customers and clients to contact you and buy, but delivering this ‘ease’ through the Internet is complex.To demystify online marketing, I’d like to introduce two key concepts that every business owner and marketing executive must grasp:Traffic
ConversionThink of your online marketing as a retail store. You have to persuade people to visit the store (the traffic) and once they’re in the store, you have to persuade them to buy (the conversion). And then persuade the shoppers to come back and buy again. And tell their friends.Let’s start with traffic.In online marketing, you can set up a stunning and effective website but, without traffic, the site is totally useless. Some proven ways to generate traffic to your site.Sponsored traffic (also known as pay per click)
Organic search (using search engine optimization)
Affiliate programs
Radio advertising
Direct mail
Print advertising
Yellow pagesWhen I’m speaking with potential clients, they’re often surprised to learn that ‘old’ tactics (4-8) are still effective. They are. But I also advise clients they need to measure everything. Measuring marketing results is nothing new; the Internet makes it easier to discover what’s working and what’s not. You may learn, to your surprise, that the best way to drive traffic to your website is direct mail. Another key to driving traffic is giving potential visitors a strong reason to visit. For example, a roofing company can send a letter out saying, ‘visit our website to get a free insurance estimate – your insurance company might pay for a new roof.’ When you give people a strong reason, an irresistible offer, to visit your website, traffic improves.Conversion. Once you have visitors to your website, it’s vital to turn them into customers. Let’s go back to the store. An intelligent store owner trains the employees how to sell. If an employee fails to make a sale, they know to get an email or a phone number so they can stay in touch with the potential customer.It’s the same with online marketing: you have to persuade the visitor to buy or hand over an email address and other vital information. The technology is complex and making a website easy for the client or customer is difficult – but achievable. But conversion strategy is based on fundamental and timeless sales principles.So – if you’re thinking about ramping up your online marketing I have three pieces of advice.Learn as much as possible about the fundamentals of direct response marketing.
Try and test different traffic generation techniques.
Base conversion on making life easy for potential customers and clients.By Will Swayne, managing director, Marketing Results.